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 Coffee Shop Guidelines

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PostSubject: Coffee Shop Guidelines   Coffee Shop Guidelines Icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 10:10 pm

In addition to the forum rules, there are some simple guidelines to follow while posting in the Coffee Shop.

Behaviors which must be avoid

•Having shocking sayings (racist, homophobic, sexist, invitations to commit genocides, etc.)

•Posts to say nothing (flood)

•Double-posting is not permitted ~ Please, edit your posts

•Bumping topics unnecessarily

•Correcting people who do mistakes regarding the rules. It's the moderator's job to do this.

•To be aggressive towards co-forumers or staff

•Destroying a topic you judge uninteresting, but that may be of interest to other people.

•Even if it's understandable that people may have some orthograph
problems, please avoid SMS language, for respect towards co-forumers.

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Coffee Shop Guidelines
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