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 The Infraction System

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PostSubject: The Infraction System   The Infraction System Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 6:31 pm

To enforce our rules, we use what is called the "Infraction System". It is represented by a blue bar that is shown in each member's profile as well as all of their posts.

All members start off with a clean slate, or with their bar empty. Once a member violates the rules, the bar will begin to increase.

There are no set infractions for each possible offence. It depends on what rule is violated, and how it is violated.

Infractions do not expire. Once they are distributed, they remain on your account for good.

Punishments follow once a certain number of infractions are accumulated.

20 Infractions = 7 day ban

40 Infractions = 14 day ban

60 Infractions = 21 day ban

75 Infractions = Permanent Ban

All distributed infractions are final. They will not be removed from your account.

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The Infraction System
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