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 Map Editor to graphics HELP

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Map Editor to graphics HELP Empty
PostSubject: Map Editor to graphics HELP   Map Editor to graphics HELP Icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 9:28 am

Hey Guys

Ok I really about to pull my hair out here been stuck on this problem for 3 days, been using a game map editor to make a hugely and very detailed world map for my Rp forum. But I cant convert into a picture file like gimp or jpeg, and please don’t say just take a screen shot, map to big would take about 60 plus to make complete map, and believe me I already tried this idea using paint to jigsaw the pieces together, the grid alignment is out of whack and this just wont work.

The game is Civ 4 (or civilization 4 beyond the sword) and the map file type is a <Worldbuilder Save>, so if you can turn the file type into a picture type like jpeg or gimp, you will officially be my hero. And your wish will be my command, as long as I can do it will pay you back.

Cheers Loopy

P.s. Can help you promote this site and help you to get it active, or offer other serves.
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Map Editor to graphics HELP
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